Juvenile Rockfish Survey (JRS) 2006- collected data from May 07, 2006 to June 17, 2006 sampling 740 nmi of ocean habitat. JRS samples hydrographic conditions, zooplankton (including krill) and young of the year (YOY) rockfish (Sebastes spp.) and other micronekton using CTD casts, Tucker trawls, and mid-water trawls (MWT), respectively, at a series of stations along the continental shelf from southern to northern California (raw data courtesy of SWFSC: Sakuma et al. 2006, Field et al. 2010, Santora et al. 2012).


Zooplankton Survey 2006- collected data from May 08, 2006 to May 19, 2006 sampling 1,338 nmi of ocean habitat. A multi frequency echo sounder was used to detect and quantify micronekton in the water column. The survey also collected a range of samples such as hydrographic conditions (CTD casts), zooplankton (including krill) and other micronekton in bongo and vertical nets (raw data courtesy of NWFSC: Mackas et al., 2004).