Krill HydroAcoustic Data


We have processed hydroacoustic surveys across the entire California Current Ecosystem - from Port Angeles, Washington to San Diego, California.

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California MOCI

(Multivariate ocean climate Index) 

        MOCI - Northern Calfiornia

        MOCI - Northern Calfiornia

MOCI is an indicator that synthesizes a number of local and regional ocean and atmospheric conditions that represent, in a holistic manner, the state of the California coastal ocean.  MOCI includes data that is readily available from the Internet so the indicator can be updated and shared regularly via this website.

MOCI captures ENSO events across decades, as well as the intensity and phasing of the most recent North Pacific marine heat wave, dubbed 'The Blob'.  It also shows differences in the magnitude and timing of ocean climate variability in different regions off California.  MOCI has skill relative to marine ecosystem dynamics from zooplankton to top predators, and therefore may be important to ecosystem-based fisheries and wildlife management. 

To access the current MOCI data (December, 2016), plots and references, click in the box below.