Krill HydroAcoustic Data


We have processed hydroacoustic surveys across the entire California Current Ecosystem - from Port Angeles, Washington to San Diego, California.

The purpose of posting our available data online is to maximize the impact that data can have to help understand and manage open ecosystems.  If you are interested in collaborating with Farallon Institute using the data we have, please reach out to Farallon Institute President, Dr. Bill Sydeman.

 The maps below show the cruise-tracks where data was collected for each year. 


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We thank NOAA Fisheries for contributing raw echosounder data for this project and Bonneville Power Authority for supporting surveys off the Columbian River plume.  Support for computer processing and preparation of this data was provided by the Marisla Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, NASA, California Sea Grant award and NOAA Fisheries, California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment program via the Northwest Fisheries Science Center.