New scientists join Farallon Institute

FI recently hired two new post-doctoral research associates, so please welcome Drs. Brian Hoover and Simon Dedman to the team. 

Simon hails from the U.K. with a recently-minted Ph.D. from Galway University where he studied fisheries and marine protected areas, with a focus on skates and rays.  Simon brings a wealth of expertise in quantitative science to FI that will enhance our programs in ecosystem-based fisheries management for small coastal pelagic fish species (e.g., sardine, herring, and anchovy).  Simon will design and implement a population model for the California-based anchovy population, relative to its role as a key prey species in the ecosystem and the target of local fisheries. 

Brian grew up in Colorado and is a recent Ph.D. graduate of U.C. Davis.  With an interdisciplinary background in behavior, genetics, sensory biology, oceanography and seabird ecology, Brian’s expertise will enhance our programs of marine spatial ecology in the Northeast Pacific.  Brian plies his trade at sea and in the office;  he will serve as a shipboard seabird observer (a.k.a., “birder”) on CalCOFI and NMFS oceanographic surveys, and work as a lead analyst for our studies of krill using “hydro-acoustics” and net sampling.  Brain will focus on developing and modeling abundance estimates and community structure of zooplankton (krill and copepods), seabirds, and salmon relative to currents in the eastern North Pacific.