New Facebook page and the Pelican Brief blog

July 17, 2013

We have new additional websites that can help you stay informed about what's going on at the Farallon Institute.  Check out our new Facebook page and Pelican Brief blog for more updates.

Like us on Facebook to receive updates on our latest activities, including photos and links to our newly-created blog.  The goal of our Facebook page is to create a network of supporters, both personal and professional, and to broadcast our message on a current and accessible platform.

The Pelican Brief is a blog designed for general audiences (managers, policy-makers, and informed members of the public) where we give summaries (briefs) of recent research papers involving Farallon Institute researchers.  The name refers to the iconic California Brown Pelican, a once-endangered species in the California Current marine ecosystem which has recovered from chemical contamination of its primary food sources.  The mission of Pelican Brief is to facilitate communication of scientific research to general audiences and in doing so provide a bridge to decision-makers and other interested parties.