Farallon Institute Annual Report 2016

Research for Healthy Ocean Ecosystems

Dr. Jeffrey Dorman Executive Director

Dr. Jeffrey Dorman
Executive Director

  As the new year begins, Farallon Institute is entering our 10th year of existence.  In that time, we have grown into a multi-disciplinary team of scientists who work together towards one goal:  better ocean management and conservation through research.  Understanding ocean ecosystems cannot be done in isolation by a scientist in a single discipline and that is what makes Farallon Institute such a unique organization.  We have climate scientists, oceanographers, ecologists, and fishery biologists all under one roof.  We provide a space for collaboration, which allows Farallon Institute to take on challenges in ways that other organizations cannot.  As we move into our second decade, we are charting a course to ensure that Farallon Institute continues to be a vibrant and thriving interdisciplinary organization working to ensure healthy ocean ecosystems for California and the world’s oceans.

  During the past year, Farallon Institute scientists have continued to publish in top scientific journals (Science, Nature, etc.) and have been invited to speak at conferences around the world.  In 2016, we published (or have in press) over 10 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and offered testimony on the state of the coastal ocean before the California State Senate and committees of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council.  While our research is mostly focused on the West Coast of the United States, we are doing work around the world including in Antarctica, South Africa, Tanzania, British Columbia, Mexico, and Alaska.  The ocean is a global entity that does not adhere to political boundaries and our work rarely does as well.

Organizationally, Farallon Institute continues to grow.  Our offices in Petaluma have expanded to accommodate our 11 staff members and 3 dogs.  This past year we made a major push to reach out to our community for support.  We have a re-designed website that is more easily navigated, are finalizing some print materials that highlight our organization, and have given community talks on the state of the California Ocean.  We have also launched (or re-launched in some cases) profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and would love to have you connect with us and stay current with Farallon Institute.

  Please come and visit us if you are ever in Petaluma.  We are looking forward to 2017 and the challenges and successes it will surely bring.                  


accomplishments By the Numbers

  • 9 papers published in the peer-reviewed literature
  • 2 Farallon Institute reports published
  • 6 papers in press
  • 7 conferences or symposia attended
  • 5 invited presentations given, and Bill Sydeman presented to the California Joint Sub-Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • 8 oral presentations given
  • 3 posters presented
  • 2 workshops organized

Financials: January - December, 2016

Farallon Institute continued to experience steady growth in 2016.  Income and Expenses both came in around $750,000; we have 11 members on our team, 8 of whom are full-time employees, and all of them have advanced degrees.  Our support sources and expenditures break-down have essentially stayed similar to previous years.



We could not accomplish our research without the support of government agencies, private foundations, and individuals committed to work.  Thank you.

Marisla Foundation
The Pew Charitable Trusts
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

National Park Service
Office of Naval Research
National Science Foundation
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
United States Geological Survey
Southern California Ocean Observing System

Gulf of the Farallons Level > $500
Adam Bauserman
John & Traci Botsford 
Courtney & Jeff Dorman
Bahman Rabii

Individual Donors
California Current Level > $1000
Chelle Gentemann
Mike Litzow
Hope Millholland
Richard Thayer

Volunteers and Supporters
Tanner Boeger
Laura Burgess
Chris Carney
Tien Chang
Kate Ciungan
Leah Drapkin
Rick Johnston
Joey Kolasinsky
Ron LeValley
Sherie Michaile
Emma Roach


Cordell Bank Level > $100
Tom Baudendistel & Lisa Kinoshita
George Bierzchydu
Glen Boehm & Mozhgan Mizban
Jeff Cole & Deborah Mandelsberg
Bill & Kia Conn
Ruth Dietrich
Bob & Kathleen Dinetz
Tony Freicas & Sandy Profeta
Sylvia Gillpatrick
John & Gala Haskins
Richard & Janis Kinoshita
Chad Olcott & Laura Pochop
John Raff