State of the Ocean presentations

See below for upcoming scheduled State of the Ocean presentations.  If you know of an organization or community that would enjoy a State of the Ocean talk, please reach out to us at  Let's work together to bring the message of ocean conservation to a larger audience.

State of the Ocean science talks are informational and inspirational presentations on the latest scientific understanding of the ocean.  Topics span global issues such as ocean acidification to regional changes impacting our fisheries off northern California. 

Farallon Institute scientists work on the atmosphere, physical ocean, and the complex marine food web from phytoplankton to whales.  They have a broad understanding of ocean ecology and are experts at understanding the latest scientific research and communicating what it all means to engaged community members.

State of the Ocean presentations are community events and all are invited.  Recent presentations have been given by FI staff in Fort Bragg, Point Reyes, Petaluma, Piedmont, and Santa Rosa.

Gentemann  et al . 2017

Gentemann et al. 2017

Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson

Ron LeValley

Ron LeValley

Upcoming State of the Ocean presentations

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