Marisol García-Reyes, Ph.D.

Research Interest

  1. Variability in oceanographic conditions in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (García-Reyes and Largier, 2012), focusing on the climatic drivers of such variability (García-Reyes et al. 2018García-Reyes et al. 2013), and other upwelling systems.

  2. Understanding and describing impacts of variability in oceanographic conditions on the marine ecosystem (Sydeman et al. 2018, García-Reyes and Sydeman, 2017García-Reyes et al. 2013). Areas of interest include but are not limited to: California and Benguela upwelling systems, Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea, East African coast.

  3. Marine heat waves impacting coastal areas. For example, the North Pacific heatwave names “The Blob” impact on the US west coast in 2014-2016 (Gentemann et al., 2017).

Current Projects

East meets West: The goal of this project is to investigate the persistent of mesoscale zooplankton community structure in the Subarctic North Pacific.

MOCI - The Multivariate Ocean Climate Indicator project provides synthesized regional indices of coastal environment conditions for California.

Selected Publications

2018 - García-Reyes M, Lamont T, Sydeman WJ, Black BA, Rykaczewski RR, Thompson SA, and Bograd SJ. A comparison of modes of upwelling-favorable wind variability in the Benguela and California current ecosystems. Journal of Marine Sciences, 188, p.17-26. [pdf]

2018 – Sydeman WJ, García-Reyes M, et al., Forecasting herring biomass using environmental and population parameters. Fisheries Research, 205, p.141-148. [pdf]

2017 - García-Reyes M and Sydeman WJ. California Multivariate Ocean Climate Indicator (MOCI) and marine ecosystem dynamics. Ecological Indicators, 72, 521-529. [pdf]

2017 - Gentemann CL, Fewings MR, and García-Reyes M. Satellite sea-surface temperatures along the west coast of the west coast of the United States during the 2014-2016 northeast California marine heat wave. Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 312-319. [pdf]

2015 - García-Reyes M, Sydeman WJ, Schoeman DS, Rykaczewski RR, Black BA, Smit AJ and Bograd SJ. Under Pressure: Climate Change, Upwelling, and Eastern Boundary Upwelling Ecosystems. Frontiers in Marine Science, 2, p.109. [pdf]

2015 - Bakun A, Black BA, Bograd SJ, García-Reyes M, Miller AJ, Rykaczewski RR, Sydeman WJ. Anticipated effects of climate change on coastal upwelling ecosystems. Current Climate Change Reports, 1(2), p. 85-93. [pdf]

2015 - Rykaczewski RR, Dunne JP, Sydeman WJ, García-Reyes M, Black BA, and Bograd SJ. Poleward displacement of coastal upwelling-favorable winds in the ocean’s eastern boundary currents through the 21st century. Geophys. Res. Lett.. 42(15). p.6424-6431. [pdf]

2014 - Sydeman WJ, García-Reyes M, Schoeman D, Rykaczewski RR, Black BA, Thompson SA, Bograd SJ. Climate change and wind intensification in coastal upwelling ecosystems. Science, 345(6192). [pdf]

2014 - Black BA, Sydeman WJ, Frank D, Griffin D, García-Reyes M, Rykaczewski RR, Bograd SJ. Six centuries of variability and extremes in a coupled marine-terrestrial ecosystem. Science, 345(6203). [pdf]

2014 - García-Reyes M, Largier JL, and Sydeman WJ. Synoptic-scale upwelling indices and predictions of phyto- and zooplankton populations. Progr. in Oceanogr. 120. p.177-188. [pdf]

2014 - Sydeman WJ, Thompson SA, García-Reyes M, Kahru M, Largier JL. Multivariate ocean-climate indicators for the central California Current: integrating the indicators and environmental conditions, 1990-2010. Progr. in Oceanogr. 120, p. 352-369. doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2013.10.017. [pdf]

2013 - García-Reyes M, Sydeman WJ, Black BA, Rykaczewski RR, Shoeman DS, Thompson SA, and Bograd SJ. Relative Influence of Oceanic and Terrestrial Pressure Systems in Driving Upwelling-Favorable Winds. Geophys. Res. Lett.. 40(19), p.5311-5315. doi:10.1002/2013GL057729. [pdf]

2013 - García-Reyes M, Sydeman WJ, Thompson SA, Black BA, Rykaczewski RR, Thayer JA, and Bograd SJ. Integrated assessment of wind effects on Central California’s pelagic ecosystem. Ecosystems 14(5), 722-735. [pdf]

2012 - García-Reyes M and Largier JL. Seasonality of coastal upwelling off central and northern California: New insights, including temporal and spatial variability. Journal of Geophysical Research 117(C03028). [pdf]

2010 - García-Reyes M and Largier JL. Observations of increased wind-driven coastal upwelling off central California. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115(C04011). [pdf]