Mike Litzow, Ph.D.

Mike has conducted research in Alaskan marine ecosystems for the past twelve years. He began his career studying the implications of changing prey availability for the recovery of seabird populations harmed by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. More recently his work has focused on links between climate change and ecosystem status, with a focus on commercially important groundfish and crustacean populations. His recent papers have included documentation of climate-forced trophic oscillations in the Gulf of Alaska (Litzow and Ciannelli 2007) and the effects of retreating sea ice on the biogeography of sea-floor communities in the Bering Sea (Mueter and Litzow 2008). A resident of Alaska for fifteen years, Mike currently works on his research while aboard his sailboat in the South Pacific Ocean with his family.

Involvement in FI projects:

Selected publications:

  • Litzow et al. 2013. Rising catch variability preceded historical fisheries collapses in Alaska. Ecological Applications.  [pdf]