Heather Robinson, M.Sc.

Originally from Massachusetts, Heather moved to California in 2002 to start her career in marine science at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. While there, her studies focused on ichthyology and the diets of several skate species common to the northeastern Pacific Ocean (Robinson et al. 2007). After earning her Master of Science degree, Heather moved to Zambia where she completed a 2-year term of service in the Peace Corps teaching villagers how to farm tilapia. Heather returned to California in 2010 where she began to focus on seabird ecology in the San Francisco Bay area while working for the USGS. Heather joined the Farallon Institute team to work on breeding ecology and disturbance of Alcatraz Island seabirds. She also brings her animal dietary expertise to the team participating in a study of California sea lion feeding ecology.

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